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What the...

Where on earth did this year go? I am a little freaked out that we are knocking on the door of Christmas already... yikes. I'm working hard to try and get all sorts of things tidied up so I can switch off and recharge over the Christmas and new years time before dropping into the Soul Survivor festival on the 4th of January.

A quote from irresistible revolution
Most good things have been said far too many times and just need to be lived. Pg 32

Finally... I would really appreciate it if you could listen to "Feliz Navidad" on the David crowder band myspace. Please let me know if you think it possibly, maybe, perhaps could be mistaken for a Cliff Richard song... its for a little research project I am doing ; )

That is all

“What the...”

  1. Blogger Tash Says:

    hmm - if it wasn't for the unmistakeable southern drawl one could see Cliff Richard in a white suit working his twinkle toes around a stage at the Royal Command Performance with her Majesty looking on.

  2. Blogger Andrew Says:

    I'm sorry Sam, but even on my most sleep deprived, un-caffienated, low blood sugar, mentally inept days I would not mistake that for Cliff. I did quite enjoy listening to it though.

  3. Blogger Sir H C Llenrad Says:

    Three out of three of us think that there is no way that this sounds like Cliff. What are you on about?

  4. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    HAHA!!! Busted! We had a few text messages after you said that, asking what you were on ;) We got lots of calls about Soul Survivor after you talked though.