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Festival 08 day 1

I'm going to endevour to update my Blog throughout our second festival, mostly as a means of reflection as the festival is something of a marker for the year. Its great to have our second event underway, and we have learnt a bunch of lessons from last years event which has meant that this year it already feels like we are up a level.
That being said, I think what makes the soul survivor festival so special is that if "God doesn't walk into the room" to quote bono, the event is pretty flat. Mike Pilavachi spoke very well tonight, and it feels like we are off to a great start. Last year it certainly felt like a huge moment in my life is we kicked the thing off, this year its a place to reflect on the work that God has done in my life over the last year.
One of the bittersweet parts of this week is that the venue is filled with great people and amazing friends that I wish I could spend more time with. Its frustrating to see these guys at a rather busy time and then not see them for ages. It would be nice to push pause and enjoy un-rushed time swapping stories and ideas around. One day : )
Time for a few hours sleep!

“Festival 08 day 1”

  1. Blogger Tash Says:

    hmmm - one begins to lose hope of hearing your reflections!