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The Nerve

Its interesting how emotive the "being single" conversation is, Im not suggesting it shouldn't be, I don't know how it can not. Its probably one of the most personal conversations you can have, and perhaps more honest dialogue is needed around this topic.
A couple of friends have posted their thoughts, raising some good questions and exploring this issue in a lot more depth. Check out what Tash, Phil and Chez have said. I wonder whether being a christian makes things more complicated? Have we made things more complicated than they need to be?

In other news, for the first time ever I have being proactive in looking after my car, not reactive. It has had a ball bearing changed, a brake fluid change and a wheel alignment before anything crapped out on it and without a warrant looming. Its a minor miracle. I find it amusing that in nearly every other area of my life I am really not on top of things, and yet the one area that normally is always a mare I am on top of... go figure.

“The Nerve”

  1. Blogger Tash Says:

    Classic. I feel dissatisfied with my post because it's not personal enough. But I feel kinda weird about putting that out there. Anyways.. some would say that the need to exert control over some areas of your life and create calm out of chaos (or potential chaos) is your subconscious helping you make a statement. Something about growing up, proving something or simply provoking a sense of calm and peace about something in life.

  2. Anonymous Kiri Says:

    Hmm, I have so many questions, queries, rants, raves, revelations and just plain old opinions on the whole "single and Christian" thing. Best said accompanied by a good coffee though!

    (That, and it's Christmas busy and I don't even have 5 minutes spare :( )