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Perplexed but not in despair : )

It has being a day to remember. My mate Brook - who leads Blueprint church - was called away at the last minute due to an inevitable bereavement in his family which meant I had to run the baptism service held at the beach this afternoon and also pick up the preaching tonight. It has being an honour beyond words to baptise a bunch of my friends, my love for the guys at this church cannot be overstated. Ive never done anything like that before, thankfully the crew and their extended family were all very relaxed.
Today has brought up some of my own junk, and I'm feeling overwhelmed with a mixture of my own sense of inadequacy, and God's goodness, faithfulness and grace.
I am reminded of Mic Duncan's words after an eventful day where he was feeling particularly vulnerable... "I will take no thought seriously for the next 24 hours", advice I need to heed as I battle with a whole bunch of insecurities that have popped up out of nowhere.
Favourite scripture for the hour 2 Corinth 4:7

“Perplexed but not in despair : )”

  1. Blogger Debs Says:

    "I will take no thought seriously for the next 24 hours"

    Oh it must have been your blog I read that on a while back. I have been helped by that statement many a time in the last few months. Its so true - tiredness, not eating properly, doing too much etc etc - lead to a weakening of our spiritual immune system - and that is the time to "take no thought seriously for the next 24 hours"

  2. Blogger Andrew Says:

    How strange... the pastor at my church is leaving for the Philippines on wednesday for a sudden tragic funeral, leaving me to look after the baptisms at church this Sunday! Thankfully I do not need to do any preaching.

    I understand some of the feelings of inadequacy. It seems though that even the most capable and accomplished people still often feel this way at times. Isn't it good to know though, that despite our shortcomings God still wants to use us.

    PS all my comments un-anonymous and I would support you if you made this a rule (as per your last post). I think that if you believe in what you comment then you should be able to stand by it openly.