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Got dusted with some weird virus thing the last couple of days, and so kinda felt a bit on the back foot. But feel like I am getting on top of things now. Spent the day up in Feilding today, im very excited about the upcoming festival. Its great being on the site today picturing how everything will look, and there are an amazing group of people that are the area heads which are cranking it out. Registrations are more than double what they were this time last year, its going to be sweet.

Anyhoo, we have Bron and Phil from Grace Vineyard up this weekend to do some teaching at Blueprint. Should be an awesome couple of days, they are great communicators, and I love their depth in things like prophetic and healing ministry. There is no denying it... I love the charismatic flavour.

Here is a clip from my old band Agentc that I uploaded, back in the day with my dreds and playing the metal tunes that have nailed the hearing in my left ear. Its me on the left. Good times, and some great gigs over the time we were playing together. Something I really miss is playing music in a band. I am looking forward to the day that I can slam out some dirty covers as a middle aged washed up rocker in low life pubs.


  1. Anonymous E Says:

    Ah, so Sam, where was this gig again?