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More stuff

A couple of things that have grabbed my attention the last couple of days amongst the tornado of activity, decisions and activities in recent days.
Firstly this post by David Hayward on critiquing church. Especially in light of the thoughts in my last post. Would be interested in your take on this.
Secondly, this conference promoted by Dan Kimball. I love that there are a bunch of different global leaders and church leaders getting together to yarn things out. What a great idea, something I wish the church would do more. The interaction between faith and culture looks awesome. My only beef is that I wish it was held in a different venue though, something more neutral.
And lastly, a whole lot more information is on the Soul Survivor website with all that is happening during the week. Check it out here.

“More stuff”

  1. Blogger Sir H C Llenrad Says:

    Wierd conference speaker selection, but they have George Foreman. Cool!

    The Crystal Cathedral is (if nothing else) a comfortable, large venue. It make evoke a number of responses, but maybe that is not a bad thing.

    And it's close to Disneyland.

  2. Blogger nakedpastor Says:

    well, personally, i think david hayward is a bit crazy! but it's a post worth reading ;)

  3. Blogger Sam Says:

    We are agreed then, David Hayward is crazy... : )