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Meet the Sibs, and some great NT Wright

All the siblings were together for the first time in nearly a year tonight. Very good times, these guys are living legends. From left to right, Gabrielle, Pete, Me, and Rach.

And here is some great NT Wright sent through by my mate Rob Munro... full talk can be found here

"Paul, we heard you'd been shipwrecked. Fancy having to go through such a thing. In fact, that's exactly what they said on Malta: he's obviously done something wrong, so blind justice is determined to kill him, whether by sea or by snakebite. Foolish ones, Paul would reply, and slow of heart to believe; was it not necessary that the gospel and its carriers should follow their Master, should pass through the dark waters, in order to come to Caesar's city, Caesar who kills but cannot make alive, Caesar in whose empire Mammon, Aphrodite and Mars reign unchecked and unchallenged? Did you expect that the gospel would stroll in to Rome of all places with its hands in its pockets and whistling a cheerful tune? Was it not necessary that it should arrive having gone through fire and water, embodying the truth it comes to tell, the truth that you only live if first you die, that you only celebrate if first you suffer, that you only preach if first you drown. God forgive us for our pseudo-gospels of cheap grace, of cossetting self-fulfilment, of a Christ without a cross and a church which never got its feet wet."

Damm thats good stuff... and he's Anglican.... go the Anglicans!

I had a great time speaking at Primal church in Wellington tonight, and Im off to Auckland tomorrow to go the Muse gig tomorrow night, and then spend a couple of days on a retreat with the Blueprint Zeal guys from Auckland, Petone and Wellington Central, should be a sweet time : ) Its going to weird being in Auckland and being without transport, and Im a bit sad that I cant catch up with more of my friends on this trip. Next time

“Meet the Sibs, and some great NT Wright”

  1. Blogger Brit Says:

    i love the MUSE...please enjoy that

  2. Blogger Will Says:

    Nice photo bro.

    I think it's about time you linked to my blog. It's not nearly as controversial as yours.