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Thriller in Manila

Im in Manila at the moment, and my blackberry isnt doing emails so the blogging is going to slow down for a little while. Its being wonderful surrounded by the richness and beauty of the third world - the smells, the people, the driving, the craziness, the food. Memories of our families years in South America have being flooding back as there is a definite South American influence throughout their culture and history. A highlight so far has being a visit to an orphanage/children's ministry in the slums last night, it has deeply impacted me, and broken my heart once again for those who live in such poverty and brokenness and yet have so much life and joy.
There has also being the occasional glimpse of the underbelly of this city, which again has really shaken me. Dont really want to go into this at this point.

I miss my church family to bits, its being the first time in a while that I have missed two consecutive thursday night gatherings, and I am very mindful that it is crunch time for the upcoming Soul Survivor festival, but it has being so good to get outside the NZ culture and be surrounded by the reality most of the world live in once again. Its being a while between drinks, and the last couple of days have being very invigorating, and an incredible encouragement and blessing to me.

If you live in NZ, and have yet to go to the third world, even for a short time, then I would urge you with all the passion I can muster to save up, fund raise, whatever... and go and spend time surrounded by these incredible people in these culturally rich places. From my perspective there is no excuse, and is more transforming than 100 conferences combined. You may not be called to living in these sorts of places long term, but it is so important to get your head around how most people are living.
I feel a rant coming on, and I have to jump off this computer in a minute, but will try and explain myself more fully down the track.

Other than that, check out Phil's "Week in Review" and I hope movember is rocking!

“Thriller in Manila”

  1. Anonymous Kiri Says:

    Manila really messes with you, eh? You have the mighty Ayala complex and all the flash malls and then almost directly beside them, the slums, people literally living in cardboard boxes, and you wonder how peoples consciences allow it all to co-exist. I still wrestle with the fact that 98% of the Filipino wealth comes from a mere 2% of the population.


    Hope the rest of your time away goes swimmingly!

  2. Anonymous Mark Says:

    I dunno if you have the chance to travel outside Manila, but the Philippines is an amazing & fascinating country. Palawan and Bohol are beautiful places. & Clark is prob the most disturbing place I've been in my short life thus far...