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This cartoon is dedicated to my friend Stu, in memory of his infamous "hands round the waist" hug given to my dad the first time they met.


  1. Blogger Rob Says:

    Awesome. I remember giving a guy a hug once and his head went the same way mine went so it was like going in for a kiss, we both made the mistake of correcting and our heads again ended up going for the same place... at that point I pushed him away and bailed... I put it down to his bad hugging etiquette... keep to left dammit, just like driving.

  2. Blogger Debs Says:

    Thats great. I recall going in for a hug, but he was going in for a friendly greeting peck on the cheek, and I had to quickly pull back and change tatic, and in the confusion I kissed him on his wet old man eyeball.

    Not nice.

    Fast reflexes are required, esp if you are both 1 arm up 1 arm down huggers - as I am. Someone has to take the lead and do a quick arm flap change, other wise it's just uncomfortable and embarresing.

    Important to determine from the onset if they are coming in for an english peck on the cheek or a full blown body slam. Pressed in rubbing from side to side hugs are good if you secretly wanted a quick feel, because you can do it in the name of hugging and sort of get away with it.