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In Nelson for the long weekend, speaking at the spring camp for the Anglican youth groups of the area. Its a beautiful part of the country, and hopefully will be a fun couple of days.
I always wind up a bit nervous before speaking, full of self doubt and feeling like the worst christan and biggest hypocrite etc. And then I sometimes get hyper critical of myself after talks and all insecure. I'm slowly "chilling out" as I get used to who I am in God, and who He is, but with an average of two speaking thingees per week this year, I've spent most of the year either gearing up or recovering from talks. Its a miracle I'm not in the loony bin. I wish you could script God to "walk into the room". I'm so conscious that its just empty words and noises without God mysteriously taking the offering and speaking through it somehow.

Anyway, no reception out at the camp which will be nice. firing this off from the phone
Before I drive back out to the camp.

Have a great long weekend if you live in nz!