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Some Photos

All the best to those who are bravely embarking on the movember adventure, this year I will definitely not be joining you... last year was just too traumatic.
It sounded like the Supergroove and Crowded House gig rocked, looking forward to hearing reports from it from the lads back home.
Had lots of good meetings and lots of great conversations the last couple of days. My jet lag has persisted, hits about 5pm and I just have to operate through this fog - an overwhelming desire to sleep. Im normally a night owl, and so have being getting used to early mornings and early nights, seeing life from the otherside! Here are a couple of pictures from my travels the last week or so.

At the West End in London - Being people of culture, we chose to watch "spamalot"

Tim Hughes, most humble dude on the planet

The rockin worship team from the camp in Nelson. Note the dude with the toilet paper in his nose! Why would anyone do anything else but youth ministry?!

Same camp, this time the "primo puke challenge" underway

“Some Photos”

  1. Blogger Matt Says:

    yeah the gig was pretty cool, although I have to say that it was somewhat disappointing to see Supergroove truly relegated to the status of "opening act", I thought they deserved to be able to put on much more of a show than they did.

    Anyways, Crowded House were very good, but not being much of a fan I didn't sing along quite as much as most. Song/dollar ratio was quite high also.

    Hope those brits are treating you proper.

  2. Blogger pMac Says:

    thats a great picture of you and Timmy :)

    see you soon mate.

  3. Blogger P-Style Says:


    WiR (week in review) is finished! It's a goodie if I do say so myself.

    I haven't uploaded it to the Blog yet, but will do so in the morning after my latest article gets a good dusting over by the hoards of fans that undoubtedly visit my site every day. In fact appearing on WiR is probably going to do wonders for your readership too Bro . . .

    ovbrold - far to keen to impress ? ?