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UK - Philippines

You wouldn't read about it, but on the eve of my sojourn to the UK and Philippines, my laptop breaks down on me. So there goes any work on the flights, which is frustrating, as well as being a blessing of sorts. I was hoping to do some work on some talks for a couple of camps I am doing next year, as well as some of the writing for the festival in January. Thanks to gmail a lot of that stuff can be accessed and worked on in some down time. And it will probably be a healthy thing for me to switch off for the flights there. I am looking forward to the much needed cave time. And cheers for the suggestions on the books, a couple have grabbed my attention, so will try and track them down. And no, it wasn't Asterix : )

So what am I doing? I'm in London for the first week, basically Alpha and Soul Survivor in the UK co-sponsor an training resource called Worship Central. NZ has a very similar partnership between Alpha NZ and Soul Survivor NZ, and so this development has being a natural progression in our work here. I am going to be joining about 20 others from around the Asia Pacific area in working out how it could look in our context. We have some amazing guys lined up to roll this out here in NZ.
The second week of my trip sees me in the Philippines, its my first time in this country and I am really looking forward to it! No disrespect meant to my London friends, but Manila appeals to me a wee bit more. Here I will be joining others from around the region helping in developing some training resources for Youth Alpha which will be filmed and shared around the place.

I feel a bit weird that I get to do this sort of thing. I don't deserve such hook ups, and I am certainly no different than others that don't get these opportunities. I dunno how to describe it, this lingering sense of guilt maybe. Maybe its the tall poppy fear. I'm not sure.

Anyway I am running with it, so I'm off. Will be blogging from my various locations via phone and internet cafes etc. Im hoping it will be an adventure (which means, I am hoping that things dont go to plan... it makes for better blogging).

“UK - Philippines”

  1. Anonymous Edmond Ortal Says:

    Hey Sam,

    Been a lurker to this blog for quite some time already, hehehe!

    Anyway, it's great to know that you're looking forward to visit my homeland. Don't forget the Filipino expressions I taught you, hahaha!

    I hope we can catch up when you get there. If I'm not mistaken there, you're still in Manila when I get home. It's just that I'm so grateful that you guys welcomed me in your country and in your thriving community and I wanna return the favour even through this.

    Hope to hear from you! Cheers!

  2. Blogger P-Style Says:


    Did you get my email? My weekend is fast filling up. . . ou wanna catch up Sunday night/ evening perhaps?

    You're in London this weekend right?

  3. Blogger Debs Says:

    A lingering sense of guilt? Welcome to my life mate.