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I'm getting a bit itchy to plug back online. I haven't checked my blog reader, facebook, digg, my youtube account, or how my car is doing in its auction since last Thursday.
Thankfully I can get my emails and txts on my ph. I could probably jump online via my ph, but I got a txt from Vodafone when I arrived here informing me that it cost $30 a mb. I'm not that desperate.

But still... what a nerd.


  1. Blogger Debs Says:

    If u see that Pstyle Smith u be sure to say hello won't ya now.

    And if you see Elizabeth the 2nd, hit her up about Dianas death. I really need to know the truth.

    And let her know about Alpha - i propose "Alpha for Royalty" starts up, we could run it from Bukingham and get all the staff on board as well. Nicky himself could go and do the talks. The Holy Spirit Weekend would be a hoot! Would love to see the Queen laughing in the spirit


  2. Blogger P-Style Says:


    Look out for a special guest appearance by Sam on Week in Review this Saturday. . . .

  3. Blogger Debs Says:


    I will hold my breath in anticipation, in the hope that holding my breath will cause me to pass out from c02 build up and excuse me from having to attend the dreaded Pharmacology exam on Monday because I was rushed to hospital - and if that happens I will thank you profusely for getting me out of the exam.


    PS: Write a comment on my blog Phill and Sam - it makes me look famous and popular when you do :)

    tee hee hee hee mwahahaaa

    *rocking back and forth, smearing red lipstick over my mouth, watching repeats of Sybil, pulling out clumps of hair, dribbling continueously, unable to spell, and going abolutely totally insane*