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Dance like Nobody is watching

Had my second consecutive weekend in the Waikato, spending time with Rich and the gang from St Paul's. It was incredibly life giving and refreshing to spend time in worship, to enjoy superb teaching, to rest, to have great yarns with no responsibility at all, to be prayed for. Its being long overdue to have some input and sit at the feet of people I respect off the charts and learn from these well worked out disciples. Its so hard to explain, and it sounds so freaken cheesy on an impersonal blog, but suffice to say it was a deep healing weekend on all sorts of fronts.

And tonight I'm off to speak at St John's church in Rotorua. Really looking forward to spending time with some of the guys that I met at an easter camp earlier this year.
Anyway, thats what ive being up to if you care. Quite a bit bubbling round inside the noggin at the moment, hoping to have some time to process that soon so watch out.

And here is a clip of white boys trying to dance. Oh yes...

HT Tash

“Dance like Nobody is watching”

  1. Blogger the kyle Says:

    Nice moves bro...