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Notices time

It feels like there is life and joy dripping off the wall at blueprint at times. The Tribe gathers and its game on.
So tonight, Mike gets up at notices time and the yarn goes something like this:

Mike: so its my 24th birthday tomorrow
Everyone else: yay!!! Clapping etc.
Mike: and so I was thinking about having some drinks tomorrow night and getting drunk.
Everyone else: cracking up with part shock and part delight. I begin to wonder whether that was the notice and that was the invitation
Mike: but decided instead that to celebrate my birthday I'm going to have the mad prayer time. So join me at wanui beach on Saturday night for bonfire and prayers
Everyone else: cheers and woop woops.

Isn't that beautiful? My heart swelled with pride at the honesty of the moment. No masks, just one dude getting up to invite others to an awesome celebration Jesus styles.
Story retold with permission.

“Notices time”

  1. Blogger A. J. Chesswas Says:

    that's cool :)