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You seen that speck in your eye bro?

Go the Bonhoeffer quotes!!

Nothing can be more cruel than the leniency which allows another to continue their life of sin. Nothing can be kinder than a severe reprimand which rescues another from their sin.

Deitrich Bonhoeffer quoted by Mic Duncan (so dont know where from) last Saturday.

Great quote. But its a difficult living that out. I am so grateful for the very hard conversations that people have had with me - significant voices in my life have loved me enough to hit me up about things. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Yes it hurt, yes it was painful. But thank you because I am a more whole person because of it, I needed to hear those words.

I do want to say this (after having to give a "chat" to a friend rather than receive one).
It is very very easy to say things from the front in talks of sermons where we get warmed up about an issue. It is very easy to blog about things from the safety of our homes. But it is an entirely different ball game to sit down with someone you love, look them in the eye and say "mate... I am wondering whether... *insert issue here*".

May we have the courage, and the love for those around us to lovingly rebuke from time to time. And may we generate a humility and approachability in our lives where people feel free to be honest with us.

Invite the constructive criticism. Grow up.

“You seen that speck in your eye bro?”

  1. Anonymous Rae Says:

    Awesome ... I remember early on in Chefing years, Front Staff would feel pretty stink to come and tell the Kitchen Staff if there was something wrong. There seems to be an ongoing feud thing that Hospo holds with Kitchen Staff and Front Staff not actually being able to get along, total bollocks I wreckon and people really need to get off their high horses in this area ... anyway, what I learnt that any criticism is good criticism ... if it means that what is said, is going to improve what you're doing, (or who you are) bring on the criticism ... Jesus talks hardout about disciplining the ones he loves and listening to wise counsel, you're right Sam, even though it hurts, once you nail it, it feels good xo