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Timothy Armstrong Vid

Another beautiful song and video from twig records. In my opinion Tim Armstrong is a genius (complete with reclusive tendencies and a fear of live performing), having composed and performed nearly every instrument on his début album. I love that He is this guru who is virtually unknown. And the guitar he is playing at the end is one that I spent a gagillion hours sanding down by hand for my friend Matt Holleman. Does that make me famous? Check it out.

Off to see Bob Dylan tonight, going with some clowns to the left of me, jokers to my right.

“Timothy Armstrong Vid”

  1. Blogger Sir H C Llenrad Says:

    Hmmm. Just realised that at Bob Dylan Sam, Rob and myself were to your left; Dan to your right.

    What does this mean?

  2. Blogger Scott Says:

    I recorded a song once in which Tim played guitar. Does that make me famous?