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Seeya mate

I said farewell to one of my closest friends today who is off with his wife to live and work in Australia. Not the first time we've lived in different countries for extended periods of time, but it still sad nonetheless. Im going to miss hanging with him, particularly on my days off which have normally coincided. I value his friendship for a whole bunch of reasons, but here are three. 1/ Our friendship has a lot of history. We go back over fourteen years now, and have been the best of buddies most of that time. Life has thrown curve balls at both of us, and we have shared these moments. 2/ Shannon doesn't give a rip about ministry. Doesn't aspire to be in church work, and knows me through and through, so when we hang out there are no hats on, no agendas, its just Sam and Shandog. 3/ Hes a flipin funny dude.

Me and Shannon sad coz he's going to live in Melbourne

Me and Shannon happy because life is good and full of new adventures

Here's to good friends.... clink..

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“Seeya mate”