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Get Angry

So after a bit of a hiatus, Darryl is blogging again. Check out his rants here

Im speaking at a couple of places this weekend, and the Soul Survivor crew are hanging out, which will be fun. Writing talks is like doing assignments, and im king procrastinator. I pay for it with stress.
Im an idiot... and i kinda like it (its fun)... but im stressed... (and as you read this you are thinking "and confused")

Why am I writing on my blog when I could be wiring my talk? Why?

That is all


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“Get Angry”

  1. Blogger BK Says:

    my commenting capabilities are back up & running!

    and Darryl's back to provide some invigorating thoughts...

    now, what have I been sitting silent on that needs comment...?! haha

  2. Blogger Sam Says:

    welcome back bro!! We've missed you!
    Bigger and smaller view of mission could be a post to check out (and a great article to read)... have a rummage round and lets grab a hot drink sometime soon