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One way you can make a difference

Posted by my friend Sarah Joyce in the comments of the last post.

.Slavery is on the rise around the world and plays a part in some of the products you buy everyday.Slavery could be in the sugar in your soft drink, the cocoa in your chocolate, the rubber in your car tyres, the fireworks you watch and matches that light them. Slavery could be in the food products you eat and the clothing you wear, the football you (or your children) play with and the carpets you walk on...Trade Aid is currently petitioning the government on the existence of slavery today... on their website is a stack of interesting information and a petition you can sign... check it out.www.tradeaid.org.nz


“One way you can make a difference”

  1. Blogger BK Says:

    mmmmmm... emporio's organic fair trade coffee = delicious.

    and go & see the film Amazing Grace. will stir something in you about being active.
    and some funds go to the Sallies anti-slavery arm.