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I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post from Scott McKnight in recent days.

Had a cool time today having a chat to Sean, famous for his blog "The funny thing is". Brilliant yarns, great guy, and a nice hot chocolate from that institution of institutions; McDonald's.
In other news, I discovered some grey hair today after getting a haircut from the someone at my church. I know you don't give a rip, but its big news for me. Has the world ended? Im still working that one out.

And bumped into Karl from Karls Grumpy on my way to have a beer with my mate Andrew Galloway from Not Quite Promethian. Off to home group now with Phill from Virtual Phill and Andy from Think Street.

I like that NZ is a small place.

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  1. Blogger Debs Says:

    Andy and Phill - two very top blokes and great friends. They both know how to keep cool till after school and I think Sam if you keep hanging out with them, you too will gain some of their coolness, which will be for the benefit of "all-man" kind :)

  2. Blogger Sam Says:

    you crack me up
    hehe, still laughing