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All Man

This video was edited by my "friend" Andrew Galloway... the little punk (and yes there will be justice) and is from the first Fuse event (blogged about here). Ive being sitting on this for a little while, mostly out of fear of the "tall poppy syndrome" that we have here in NZ, but its a bit of laugh so here we go... mock on

There are some great conversations developing in the comments section here and here. I have being craving these sorts of yarns for ages, and I hope they are conversations where I can gleam some nuggets of wisdom from those that read this blog because they are both BIG theological issues that have huge implications for our practice and outworking of our faith. If you have any understanding on either of them please chip in (and be nice to each other!)

“All Man”

  1. Blogger Andrew Says:

    "little punk"?? Mate, I made the video and gave it to you... you're the one who posted it on your blog! I wait with morbid anticipation for your "justice".