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Recommended Reading

Ok, Karl isnt going to like this (after this post) but here are a couple of things worth reading (in my books.... heheh books..) Click on the pics to get taken to amazon if you wanna buy them.

Im about halfway through this book, and it is absolutely brilliant. Written by the one of the founders of the modern 24/7 prayer movement, the book looks at the questions surrounding God's silence in answering some prayers. A major catalyst for the exploration was His wife being diagnosed with a brain tumour, and so that journey is interwoven throughout the book. Its brilliant.

And Im so 2006 right now, but ive re-read Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell, and it was an enormously life giving read. Probably the book that puts the most wheels in my understanding of the christian faith. I went out a brought a bunch of copies for some friends in hard places, its being so good to read this again. If you havent read it I would recommend it as one well worth the effort.

And latest person to get added on my links page, naked pastor. Quickly becoming one of my favourite reads. Brutal honesty, and lots of hope (in a peculiar way).

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“Recommended Reading”

  1. Blogger Debs Says:

    If any of you care about my lowley opinion, I also fully recommend Naked Pastors blog. One - his cartoons are so so on the mark, topical, and just so good at representing Christian life. I have found they are great to use as a study for Life Groups/Small groups.

    And two - there is something about the way he writes as a man that resonates with me as a woman. Something about encapsulating masculinity that includes the ability to cry, and express love, and show anger and an intolerance for the things in life that are injust that I equate with being a man of God.

    So yeah, read his blog is what I'm saying.