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Nice series of posters in reply to the ones that had a dig at the emerging church that I posted about previously. Check them out here. HT Andrew Jones

Just back from Wangavegas, off to share at the Rock church youth group tonight on the subject of "parents". Its being a busy week, with a visit to Feilding and Palmy with Galloway on Wednesday, leading worship at the Print on Thursday, and a talk to get sorted for this Sunday night. In the midst of all this Im trying to spend every spare moment hanging with my grandfather who is at a hospital in Wellington. Its such a privilege to spend time with a living saint, and I run past my talks with him, and glean enormous insight and understanding from him. It means that a bunch of other work doesn't get done, but I don't care. I will never ever regret spending time with my grandfather. The thought of him not being around has brought into sharp perspective what the priorities really should be in my life.

I'm beginning to ramble.