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Congratulations Nikki and Matt

My friend Nikki had her 21st last night, a "50's" themed party, and it was a night to remember. The whole event was hit out of the park when her boyfriend proposed at the end of his speech (dressed as Elvis may I add!) My face is still sore from smiling so much.

Im speaking at my old church tonight, I cant wait to see all the crew there. I miss them. Im sorely tempted to wear my costume from last night. And don't ask how this is 50's... it seemed like a good idea at the time, and somehow made sense (something along the lines of "priests have been around for ages, its kinda fifties" etc etc). Walking through town to grab a beer after the big event with Elvis, a bunch of girls in polka dotted dresses, 50's looking nerds and myself - the priest, was a brilliant finish to a memorable night.

“Congratulations Nikki and Matt”