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Living the dream

Thought that these photos were very interesting. They reminded me of some of my friends at the Steiger Base in Minneapolis. The States produces some pretty weird characters.
Im trying to work out whether that sort of lifestyle looks appealing or not. Deep inside me is a hippy wanting to come out, yet im pretty happy sitting at home drinking a nice coffee and being online thanks to Dads wireless setup.
So whose keen to join me as a wandering modern day hippy?

“Living the dream”

  1. Blogger P-Style Says:

    I'd be up for that. Urban stability is comfortable, but somehow unsatisfying. . .

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    It would be nice until someone rolled you for your clothes. I almost had a fight with a homeless guy in the arse end of chicago over undies. True.

  3. Blogger Debs Says:

    When I was young(er) I used to long for a time when I could feel really really down and depressed and dramatic. Part of me wanted to have scenes in my life like in the movies when something terribles happened to the woman and she would be in the shower sobbing and heaving and clinging on to the shower head and wailing with unhappiness. Or the scenes where she's so unhappy with her life that she slides down the wall with a cigarette in her mouth and a glass of scotch sloshing around in her hand. She sits on the floor with her back leaning on the wall, drinking until the sun comes up.

    You know, those sorts of dramas. TV made it look cool. Something in me wanted to be cool also.

    The photos i just looked at also portray the image of "cool". But I highly suspect that if you were to live that life it would be anything BUT cool. In fact I'd say it would be painful, ugly, lonely and filled with hunger.

    The grass always looks greener even if in reality it is filled with weed spraying chemicals, hard ass soil, and sharp brown blades of grass that are more like hay that not even a starving animal would eat.

    I may talk a lot of shit, but i've also lived on the other side of a lot of dying and uncared for hills.

  4. Blogger Debs Says:

    ...and even though they looked greener from where i was standing





    (trying to be artistic and creative with my posts, and stalling before i have to go to class, as I've been here at uni since 8am and will be here till 10pm tonight cos i no longer have a computer at home cos it hates me so now i have to stay here till all hours of the night and right my stupid essays and do my research on line and it really really really naffs me off no end and causes me to loose a lot of sleep and i miss my house)


  5. Blogger Naomi Says:

    I think there might be a difference between being modern day hippie and eating road kill like these dudes. I think it's interesting that for all their rejection of society they still manage to sport trendy hair cuts - obviously that's still a priority even if dental hygeine isn't.

    The guy with the sign about the big crap make me laugh though so at least they still have their sense of humour.

  6. Blogger Rob Says:

    I agree with Debs, there's a certain romanticism to it but no doubt I'd be let down by the real deal, besides I enjoy a regular shower and some semblance of cleanliness. So no Mr Harvey I won't be joining you as a modern day hippy. I think the closest I would get is sporting a sweet poncho.... Maybe I'll get one of those towel ones this summer.

  7. Blogger the kyle Says:

    Sorry Sam I care too much about hygiene to be a hippy. I actually struggle to see what is cool about it to be honest... but these guys probably think people like me are very boring and uncool, they'd probably even think of me as a right wing capitalist...

    I do not have any ounce of hippy in me at all unfortunately. Sorry dude.

  8. Blogger Sam Says:

    Wow, some amazing insight into these lives in these comments. Have thoroughly enjoyed reading them!! Its true, by trying to rebel against conformity, they make there own culture of conformity. I admire the simple living side of things, and wonder if they have much to teach Jesus followers about how little we really need, and how much we have when we have mates around us.