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Go Team NZ

Straight out of the box I will say that I haven't being following the Americas Cup that much this year... until we started winning.

Yep, im that sort of fan. Im disappointed in myself, but hey... im going to run with it.

Just one race away from taking on Alighni. You beauty, I am really amped and flippin proud of the lads representing this little country over in Valencia. With no TV at home im watching things from here.
There are a couple of embarrassing stories about previous americas cup events, which I will save for future posts if we keep on kicking ass.

Mock on


“Go Team NZ”

  1. Blogger P-Style Says:

    Your title should read "Go Team Dubai".

    Oracle was the New Zealand team (or at least the team with the most Kiwi accents.)

  2. Blogger Sam Says:

    Meh, if we win, it comes back to NZ. Kiwis in charge... its a kiwi team

  3. Blogger James Says:

    Alinghi is New Zealand A

    Team NZ is New Zealand B

    Oracle was New Zealand C...

  4. Anonymous captain undies Says:

    Hi Sam

    I have been following you around for a while now and I was wondering, are you single?