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Matthew Hollemans Debut Video Clip

I've spent the last couple of days on a retreat with some extraordinary people who serve blueprint church community and the people around it. Incredible people because they all live off support from others to do what they do, have all paid a huge cost to do what they do and all weathered some storms. The misconception about doing full time churchy type work being "glamorous" is the biggest hoax ever and bugs me no end. You think its a sweet gig? Then quit your job and start serving a church or being missional. There are HUGE numbers of churches and youth groups desperate for someone to step up. These guys have all gone "all in" (to use poker terminology) and so consequently its being a great two days, filled with laughs and wisdom and honesty. Ive being deeply challenged by hanging with them.

One of these guys is my old flatmate Matt, a wise man, a gifted man, and a ridiculously good looking man. So check out Matt's debut video. I reckon it is brilliant. And props to his flatmate Kieran Rynhart for busting his guts making it. Check out Matt's Website and his Myspace page or for a Hi Res version check out the Twig Records page.

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“Matthew Hollemans Debut Video Clip”

  1. Blogger the kyle Says:

    Big ups to Kieran! That is a very clever video man! I really liked it. Kieran is a very talented man, he never ceases to amaze me with his wisdom but now he has blown me away with this quality music video. Man we really do have a bunch of talented people in BP don't we?

    I feel truely blessed to be a part of such an artistically rich community. It is a great inspiration to me.

    Thanks for sharing that with us Sam.