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Can Anyone Help Sean?

"If anyone knows any community groups/organisations that could consistently use 50-100 volunteers for a couple of hours per fortnight, per month, bi-monthly whatever.... please, please PLEASE let me know"

If you know of anything in the South Auckland region that fits this bill can you let Sean know? 

It is encouraging to read a post where someone is actually trying to make a difference rather than just point out why we aren't making a diffrence.  Shot Sean. 

And an intresting link to a Christian Universalist blog with a post on the homosexual issue on the post.  Joy!! (can of worms alert)

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“Can Anyone Help Sean?”

  1. Blogger P-Style Says:

    Just read through the post on that unaversailism website. Very intersting indeed. This issue iant goign away and needs to be talked about by all of us. Good on this guy for having the balls to write it.

  2. Blogger the kyle Says:

    Great article on homosexuality! Quite large but definitely worth the read. I think we all have much to learn about how to address this issue.

    However, I have always understood that sexual immorality ain't any worse sin than any other sin that we overlook as insignificant. Self-righteousness is much more harmful, and at least this sin was one that Jesus spoke against constantly. As Brian said, "The Bible is silent to homosexuality."

    Great stuff.

    gksqho - Geek Squadron

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Here is a challenge, find the number of verses that refer to sexuality compared to those that refer to the "poor". The only way forward for "the church" is to stop referring to the homosexual "issue". That can appear that we are speaking from the moral high ground. Lets loose the old "us and them",or who is "in or out" terminology; and realize there is just "us all". or to steal an old phrase- Beggars who tell other beggars how to find bread.