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Some interesting quotes to spark some thoughts

Firstly, something I just saw on a t-shirt that rings a little too true:

"Top 10 ways to avoid procrastination:

That was it, classic.

And a quote from Campolo (no idea where from, its just being sitting on my phone for a while) that we are sitting round debating at the moment:

"When you love something and it is not living up to its highest ideals then you have to say something to challenge it"

Agree, disagree, strongly disagree?

Some questions that arise for me in that statement:

How do we walk that line between critique coming from a place of genuine love, and an un-healthy cynisism that divides? Do we need to be in relationship with the churches or movements or the people that we feel uncomfortable with to challenge or critique? When are these conversations constructive? When do they cross a line and cease to be constructive? Do you need to be putting your energies into "positive alternatives" to critique with integrity? What's the point? How come it seems that critique seems to flow so easily and encouragment and affirmation seem in such short supply in these days? How much energy should we be spending doing this stuff? Do we look at our own lives and practice with the same zeal and enthusiasm that we look at others? What are the dangers in remaining silent? How can we critique with any authority? How do we know that "we are right and they are wrong"? How come its really hard to be honest? Why
do we so easily settle for mediocrity in our discipleship and our churches? Why are we afraid to speak out our thoughts in some places (face to face with people), and let rip in others (a Blog for example)? Do we hide behind some of these yarns so that we don't have to face some of the stuff in our lives and mission? How can we best learn from one another? How can we be challenged in our theology and praxis by people outside of our normal crowd? How can we be part of the solution rather than part of the problem? How do we best contribute our thoughts, insights and life experience to the melting pot of ideas and expressions?

And so forth... I would be interested in your thoughts, or feel free to add more questions.


“Some interesting quotes to spark some thoughts”