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Im on Facebook

Dont ask why... just dont ask... I was mooching around doing nothing and wound up signing up for facebook...

Mock On

Sam Harvey's Facebook profile

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“Im on Facebook”

  1. Blogger P-Style Says:


    TAVMS - Pubs for sailors with speech imperdiments.

  2. Blogger Andrew Says:

    oh... my.... (shudder!)

    The center image: sleazy mo, bare chest, sunburnt shoulders.... nightmares for a week! Did you not have any slightly respectable photos Sam?

    I'm off to wash my eyeballs.

  3. Blogger Sam Says:

    There are actually one or two worse than that one... hehe

  4. Blogger Dave Says:

    I can see how that happened, I only ended up on facebook because my lovely wife took too long to get ready one night and I just found myself there...

  5. Blogger A. J. Chesswas Says:

    Mate I reckon facebook gonna take the world by storm. Everyone's debating Bebo vs myspace...

    I thought Facebook how can something with such a strange name work... but its going off..

    Amazing how out-there people are these days with these online things like Facebook, Bebo, myspace, blogging and all that.. The extroverts are taking over...

  6. Anonymous Naomi Says:

    I find the option "Poke Sam" really disturbing.

  7. Blogger Sam Says:

    agreed nomes, though I also secretly enjoy it. Dont tell anyone

  8. Blogger P-Style Says:


    'nuff said.