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Check this out

Firstly, for those who have a little too much time on their hands at work, or just have a fast internet connection, check out some of the talks on the TED website.
When you find a website like that, its like discovering a gold mine. Have an explore.

And funny video of the week from You Tube. My apologies to my American friends...

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“Check this out”

  1. Blogger the kyle Says:

    That TED.com link is freakin quality! There are some VERY interesting ideas on this site. I thought Rick Warrens speech was pretty good. I also watched Dan Dennett, the philosopher take apart his book "The Purpose Driven Life." I personally thought Dennett's speech, although his points were plausible, was a little weak. But that may be just me being bias, I dunno.

    Thanks for that bro. Many things to ponder on here.

    wgybkux - The rather painful kind of weegie