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Easter Camp goodness

I had a blast over the weekend in Rotorua for the Presbyterian Easter camp. Cranked out the talks, hung with the crew from the Bay of Plenty, clocked up 1400kms in the car, hung with my mates Rob and Sam from Karori. It was probably the best easter camp I have being to, with sweet games, great leaders, lots of fun times, a great band, good small groups, and crazy wild kids... and hot pools. Some photos of the weekend.
Rob all tuckered out. I forgot to tell Sam and Rob about the small detail that they would be involved in small groups and duties... hehehe, that meant a 6:30 start every morning. Poor Rob thought it was going to be a holiday.

This is how Sam spent nearly every moment on the car trip... theme seems to be developing here.
And thats me enjoying a big group hug from some of the crew there... and by the look on my face, enjoying it a bit too much
Apologies for the 7 times the last post appeared. I think it was because I was sending it from my phone in very limited reception.

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“Easter Camp goodness”

  1. Blogger Debs Says:

    Hey it looks like theres a dude behind you with a black hoodie on who's about to knife you in the back with a pick axe or something....see how his arms are raised...or are my eyes just deceiving me?

  2. Blogger Sam Says:

    yikes it does to. Thank God im alive

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Sam! as a person who was at the camp with you, can i just say, you were AWESOME! and im not just saying coz i want you to like me lol. You really did have the most amazing things to say and im sure other peoples lives were changed as much as mine. My outlook on the world has changed over such a short time, and im gonna try and be as passionate and love God as much as you do, and i realise it may take time (wise words there!) but i'll just remember your encouraging words.And also the wise words from take-that... have a little patience, haha. Thanks be to God for giving you to the world, or aleast Easter Camp BOP 07. Keep up the fantastic work! and thanks from the bottom of my heart.
    Ciao for now.