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Being tired

You know the very very deep weary feeling? Where you have blood shot eyes, your head feels funny and you crave sleep so much you actually feel ill. Well without sounding too dramatic, I'm there. I've pushed it way too hard the last couple of months. Which is pretty stupid considering my talk at blueprint last week was about the need for many of us to slow down and rest a whole lot more. Just another example of my theory not being represented in my practice.

Thankfully the next 10 days contain lots of space to enjoy the company of some friends, there are no talks to give, and hardly anyone knows me here. And to enjoy sleep - if only the generator next to my tent would shut up.... : )

What is in the back of my mind is the countless number who are going to bed feeling like I do right now and worse, but who have to get up and work in shamefull conditions just to survive tomorrow. No ten day break for them.



“Being tired”