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Jemma Young - Somewhat Like You

Those that have read this blog will know that I hold some fairly strong views when it comes to music (have a read here and here), however it has being my great privilege to work alongside Jemma Young and Rich Bryant and make an album of beautiful songs.

Reasons why this project was worth it in the midst of an overly busy life: Jemma is so incredibly humble it is frustrating. The songs are stunning, simple and honest. The words are amazing. Her voice is world class. And even though they are overtly christian lyrics, she plays them in pubs around Wellington and a huge number of her friends and most of her family are not Jesus followers but are fans of her music. Very very cool. It has being such a privilege to be a part of this thing.

So go HERE now and have a listen to a couple of the tunes. And email: lil underscore gems at hotmail dot com to order a copy of your own.

Off now to the album release at "The Front Room" Waikanae beach.

“Jemma Young - Somewhat Like You”