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Cool Links

This is my very first post using Windows Live Writer, a desktop blogging editor, which basically means that I can draft and manage my blog offline.  Rehehehe, what a geek.  Having problems uploading images though... have to work out what an FTP server is.  Help anyone?

Ok, a couple of things worth having a look at.  Firstly I have stumbled across a really good blog, especially if you are into youth work.  Michael Treston is the Anglican youth co-ordinator for the Nelson Diocese and blogs here, and a post that I thought was really good with my Anglican background here.

Darryl preached up a storm in Melbourne at the "Dangerous Stories" gathering, according to rumor a number of people left as he talked...  oohhhh smell the controversy.  If you want to work out why, his talk can be found here.

Scottie Reeves opened a can of worms and blogged about the Harvest Crusade.  At some point I will be weighing in on that one.  Have a look here.

And im off to speak at this easter camp this weekend.  Im nervous, daunted by doing so many talks but looking forward to the adventure. 

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“Cool Links”

  1. Blogger P-Style Says:


    I completely missed scottie's post until today. Some good discussion being generated now bro. Might be time for your to take the plunge ;)

  2. Blogger BK Says:

    yeah, come chatter at scottie's post bro!

    haha, hey Sam!
    I've been reading a few of these same blogs lately... have finally piped up.

    I was thinking the other day. "I admire Sam Harvey".
    thought I'd let you know. kudos to you bro :-)

  3. Blogger Sam Says:

    ohhhh... Ben, I feel the love... your not to bad either mate. Onya. I had a glimpse at scotties blog before, have to do some serious reading to catch up, shesh you can type Phil!

  4. Blogger BK Says:

    ha, phil is good at words!
    I will apologise for that too though - first comment over there was massive, way bigger than first planned!

    my bad

    (just read darryls talk from Melb too... ha, gee I wonder who might have got up in arms about it?! "dirty Jesus", love it)

  5. Blogger the kyle Says:

    Man fallas went hard out on Scotties blog. Good on ya though. It's a good opportunity for some in-depth discussion on the topic.

    I like the ideas.

  6. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Windows Live Writer supports only a subset of Blogger functionality at the present time. Some of the limitations I have discovered (so far) are:
    - Text can't be justified
    - Pictures can't be uploaded (Blogger doesn't offer FTP access)
    I am using WLW to maintain only one of my blogs due to these limitations in the current beta version.