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What the???

So I just took one of those silly online quiz things with the question "how will you be defined in the dictionary?"

Cracked up when I read the answer... especially considering what I do with my life.

Sam Harvey --


A person of questionable sanity who starts their own cult

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com


“What the???”

  1. Blogger P-Style Says:

    I'm too embarrassed to let you know what mine was. Suffice to say it had something to do with being a nerdy blogger. . ..

  2. Anonymous Naomi Says:

    Hahah! Yours is hilarious! Mine is too embarrassing to share, had something to do with body hair and that's all I'm saying about it.

  3. Blogger the kyle Says:

    That quiz is rubbish (first of all it's not a quiz, you don't get to answer any questions)! It gave me a new discription every time. I think my most acurate discription was: "Like in nature to a train-riding hobo"

    But apparently my blog name "the kyle" is "a dance involving lttle to no clothing"


  4. Blogger P-Style Says:

    I also noticed that the "quiz" is just a series of random phrases that change everytime you hit the button.

    kvdhi - Taken too much kenetic-vaso-dehydrant.

  5. Blogger Ninja Steps Says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Blogger Ninja Steps Says:

    ninja steps
    [adjective]:Sexually stunning

  7. Blogger Debs Says:

    Debs Phillips

    "Lover of 80s Heavy metal and banana smoothies. Last in long jump, high jump and relays. First in pressed flower arrangements. Excellent player of the spoons"

    Wow - thats so amazing - so accurate........

  8. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    This is freaking me out.

    My name is also 'Sam Harvey'...and about 10 years ago when I was a university, I used the phrase "she's as deep as puddle" to describe someone to my friends. Maybe it wasn't original but I wasn't quoting a previously heard phrase or saying...it just came to me as a genuine response to a question. Strange.

  9. Blogger BK Says:


    Ben Kendrew
    Smells Like Teen Spirit

    oh dear.

    cmpnwtcy - complacency as said by Elmer Fudd