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Rockin Mute Math Clip

This is why I love this band, how freaken creative can you get

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“Rockin Mute Math Clip”

  1. Blogger Sir H C Llenrad Says:

    Wow. This is a piece of brilliance that I cannot watch too many times.

    Reverse filming has been done before (and well) but never with this level of creativity, zaniness, fun, or with such long shots.

    They are brilliant. Brilliant.

    Not typical...

  2. Anonymous If I were a butterfly... id crawl back into my cocoon! Says:

    Hey just thought id put my two cents in! I LOVE MUTEMATH but the whole reverse film thing has been done to death i think this video could have been a million times better because its a great song, but thats just my opinion!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    but if you were a butterfly you'd crawl back into your cocoon... so let's say you may not have the most logical solution

    lzyklx - the clicks you hear in your joints that you get from lazy posture