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Transmission Ends

Well ive decided to put the ol blogging thing to rest for a little while.  Not necessarily for ever, but at this point im hanging up the gloves.   Why?
  1. Life is pretty full with Church, Soul Survivor and my Masters study starting this year.  And Ive got one or two friends that I am pretty keen on hanging out with a little more frequently. 
  2. I've realised I dont know as much as I thought I did, I think I am a bit less opinionated than I was a couple of years ago.  Until I feel like I have something to say, the blog will probably stay quiet.
  3. Anything I do want to share is best shared in the context of sharing at my Church or some of the camps and events I have the privilege of been a part of, and my favourite place to hap on of all... over coffees and meals.  
  4. Facebook has become my online communication mode of choice.  I've got a crackbook addiction, its not pretty, but im running with it.  Join me there if you want to stay in contact
Cheers everyone for reading and engaging from time to time.  Ive met some amazing people through this medium.



“Transmission Ends”

  1. Anonymous stu Mcgregor Says:

    "Excellent" (evil voice wringing hands together) . . . "and now for my domination to be complete, only another 5,455,334 christian blogs to destroy"

    you better bloody have coffee or even better, a meal with me in auckland ok?

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    aww... well, those of us who can't seem to set up a permanent residence on the crackbook bandwagon will miss your inspirational prose.

  3. Blogger Rob Says:

    You forgot the main reason. It could maybe fit in no.1 but I feel like it doesn't do it justice. It needs a number all to itself so I've taken the liberty of adding it:

    5. I have a girlfriend.

  4. Blogger Pstyle Says:

    bye bye harvey at blogspot. . . .

    One less thing to occupy me when I should be working .. .. . damn ..

  5. Blogger Ben Says:

    Hey Sam

    Thanks for the good times - there have been some really good posts on here over the last couple of years and I've enjoyed the chance to comment...ehm...even if the first round of comments didn't quite start out on the right foot :)
    Facebook...I just can't bring myself to do it. Always up for the coffee/meal option though. Look forward to catching up soon...

    Bless you bro
    Ben j-Frow

  6. Blogger A. J. Chesswas Says:

    ay yes... otherwise preoccupied - I know the feeling brother! Good 2 c u the other day... take care of that car... and the bird ;)