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There are two podcasts that ive started listening to in the last week or so which I have found quite helpful. The catalyst podcast has about 15 - 20 minutes of an interview with all sorts of great voices, McManus, Rob Bell, Seth Godin, Andy Stanley etc. You have to fast forward about 6 minutes of rubbish as the guys that host it prattle on about the catalyst confrence and other irrelevant things, but the interviews themselves are great.
And the slipstream podcast, which by the looks of things is pretty new, but so far has had some amazing interviews; Shane Claibourne, N.T. Wright (download this one if you want to get the major themes of his book "Suprised by Hope" without reading it - im looking at you Frank) and the latest podcast which I listened to this morning with Mike Frost talking about missional church.

I also subscribe and listen to podcasts from Mars Hill church, Ricky Gervais, Soul Survivor USA, Tony Campolo, and Worship Central.