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Im Back

So I have had a right nightmare on the computer front, I brought a dell laptop to replace my old acer which completely crapped itself (screen not working, cd drive not working, crashing etc). My new dell arrived, and I was uber excited, but after two days the hard drive died. Gutted. So after a few phone calls from India, they sent a technician round who decided I needed a new hard drive on my brand spanking new laptop. So it goes into the shop.... sigh...
Finally got it back today, have reloaded everything. I have a bunch of emails to reply to (normally I would just use my phone, but I have a new phone which is meant to send emails through like my old blackberry but thats not working at the moment).

Enough rich western winging... Discovery of the month comes courtesy or chris darnell (again)

This website
rules my world, lots of beautiful high def videos. Well worth checking out. Here is a beauty I just watched

Surfing Broken Head, Australia from Geoff Charters on Vimeo.

“Im Back”