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This Week

It's being a great week with Tash, Rich and Andy around bring the goodness. The week started with me getting over a flu - and I actually rested a whole bunch which meant work suffered but I got over it a whole lot quicker. Some awesome yarns with my friends has left me feeling very encouraged and hopeful, something that is very good at the halfway point in the year where it is easy to get a bit discouraged and flat.
I am off to Riversdale this afternoon to hang with a youth group from Masterton who are doing their "Holy Spirit Weekend" which should be fun. I am especially looking forward to having a long walk along Riversdale beach... beauty. Speaking on Sunday night at Blueprint.
I am in the beginning of an interesting season on the God front, one of those moments where its like "oohhhh You are the main thing, You are the centre, and all this work for You, that's just the other stuff but not the main thing". Something of a purifying work happening. Its good.
Peace Out

“This Week”