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Arcade Fire

To raise the tone somewhat, here is an absolutely stunning performance by the Arcade Fire with David Bowie, one of the surprise highlights of the Big Day Out earlier this year. This lifts my soul...

“Arcade Fire”

  1. Anonymous Ezra Says:

    Epic. I like you're taste in Music Mr. H. This is the second band that you have put me onto I like. Do you do Last.FM? Check it out if you don't - it's su-perb.

  2. Anonymous Rhett Says:

    Good to find another Arcade Fire fan. Really cool performance; how much does the drum/tamborine guy look like Napolean Dynamite?!

    What do you think of Neon Bible as compared to Funeral? I like Neon Bible, but it's yet to grow on me enough to reach the heights of Funeral.

  3. Blogger Sam Says:

    Rhett, mate to be honest I only got into Arcade Fire after seeing them at the BDO. They completely blew my away - esp the ginga dude, and the chick keyboard player... such a crazy band. Ive only cranked Neon Bible, but if you rate it more than that, ive got to go and download Funeral...
    Ezra, yeah bro, crank last fm at work most days, its such a legend little site.

  4. Anonymous Rhett Says:

    You gotta get your hands on Funeral! It changed my life :-).

  5. Anonymous Ezra Says:

    Good stuff - add me on Last.FM - My user name is zzyy. I'd be keen to see what tops your lists, and I definitely have some music to recommend to you depending on how far your tastes range.


    Some how I can't see Arcade Fire doing a cover of Bowie's songs 'Saviour Machine' or 'Quicksand'.Both contain openly anti-theist lyrics and themes. If ever there was evidence Bowie's creative career is in terminal decline this clip was enough to convict.Paul.