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Argghh Cmon Anglicans!

I consider myself something of a collapsed anglican; my dad is an anglican minister, I worked as a youth pastor in an anglican church for three years, and its only being the last couple of years serving the community of blueprint (a kind of independent churchy type thing, not really associated with any movement, just trying to follow Jesus) where I've being somewhat removed from the goings on in the anglican scene, though I still have the opportunity to share and hang with many of my friends within that denomination. As much as I hate to admit it, I still care about what happens in the anglican church.

So Im saddened that my old church has made the news in todays dominion post. I was part of the original property review committee 3 and a half years ago, and clearly it has being a very difficult process for the crew in Karori.
Outcomes aside, I get rarked up with how much these sorts of issues consume a disproportionate amount focus and energy in church life, I am saddened that the news has the appearance of "young people vs preserving our history and heritage". I am saddened at how we seem to loose focus of the Kingdom in these discussions (see recent rant on this here). I am saddened that this is what church gets known for. Chris, the current youth pastor in Karori nails it in this post. I really feel for him and the youth group this week. Chris has buckets more grace than I do, I would be spitting tacks if I was in his shoes...

Worldwide things are not in a great place for the Anglican scene.
Rich Johnson (priest at St Pauls in Auckland and guest speaker at Blueprint in a couple of weeks) has also being sifting through some of the goings on and has some of the latest news from the wider Anglican communion. Post one here, post two here.

*deep sigh*

Update: Chris posts his thoughts

“Argghh Cmon Anglicans!”