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I received this incredible poem on my facebook wall by one of my friends (who is herself a ginga) in response to this photo... Applecore for life...

Mr. Sam Harvey
Used to be a winner
Til that fateful morning
That he became a Ginga

'My eyebrows' he yelled
and screamed with a scare
As the orange mutation
Spread through his hair

His flatmate Jemma
Smiled with glee
‘At last there is someone,
Someone like Me!’

The hot day went by,
As Sam hid in the shade
He wondered what had happened?
What mess had he made?

Suddenly from above
A voice yelled out loud
‘Step out of the shadows
And wear that hair proud’

So Sam stepped out!
With his giant ginger mop
Proud of his morange
And carrot top

And by the end of the day
God had helped him to see
That gingers are really
Just like you and me

So next time you see a ginga
Stay by and don’t run!
Because really we know
That gingers have more fun


  1. Blogger Tash Says:

    i'm currently ginga .. and this is epic. embrace it harvey.. you know you wanna. what i wanna know is when to pick you up from the airport?