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Books, life, more yaconelli

Ok before anything else... please check out this website - oh my freaken gosh, my jaw just dropped when I started to piece together what it was about... absolutely brilliant. Another proud day for the christian community.

Speaking of great theology, thanks to amazon the ol credit card has taken a bit of a hammering recently. The latest couple of purchases; "the reason for God" by Tim Keller after this recommendation, and a book called "do hard things, a teenage rebellion against low expectations", check it out here. Im nearly finished reading "Surprised by Hope" by NT Wright which is currently winning the "harveys book of the year" award. Am very excited about chatting about it with anyone that has given it a read - its an incredibly dense book, and will need a re-read fairly soon.

Things have quietened down significantly now that Fuse is over, the foot has well and truly being taken off the gas pedal in the blueprint camp. Most of the staff have being working half days, and generally taking a breather. The bonus of working in full time ministry is that you can do that, there are a huge number of volunteers that went straight back to work.

Somewhat unrelated, but the quote below by Mike Yaconelli is a goodie, I cant remember what book I read it from, but jotted it down - feel the burn - love it :)

When you take the pagan worship of busyness and add to it the biblical mandate to reach the world, you have a lethal combination. The church has baptized busyness and activity and basically formed a pact with the devil. This pact has succeeded in silencing those who criticize the trend toward hectic, overworked, burned-out, spiritually dry ministers who—in the "name of God"— neglect their families, their souls, and their physical well-being.

If I can be so audacious as to "blaspheme" the Gospel of Growth, I respectfully suggest this modern rush to urgency is not only wrong, it's arrogance gone mad.

The moment we believe the Kingdom of God is dependent on you or me, we've either experienced a schizophrenic episode or we've misunderstood our roles as Christians.

Yes, we are to be salt and light. Yes, we are to "go into all the world." Yes, we are to "make disciples." But last time I checked, it took Jesus three years of concentrated effort to make 12 disciples—and it took them the rest of their lives to understand what discipleship means. Last time I checked, Paul suggests we are in Christ, not working for Him.

“Books, life, more yaconelli”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    ok so that link made me punch a duck right in the mouth...that is awful...funny but awful

    man that is an amazing quote indeed by Yaconelli. thanks for sharing. as for books i'd like to recommend one you may or may not have heard of

    Awakening Youth Discipleship: Christian Resistance in a Consumer Culture by Brian J. Mahan, Michael Warren, and David F. White

    The Shape of Practical Theology
    Empowering Ministry with Theological Praxis
    By Ray S. Anderson

  2. Blogger Debs Says:

    Sam can you please clarify in a couple of sentences what that link was about? To me it just looked stupid. But then i have been writing an essay all weekend and then went to work last night from 5pm-8am and just got home and now have to work on this essay more and i am so tired i can hardly keen my eyes open and they are stinging from not being able to find my glasses.

    Whats my point again? Ive forgotten.

  3. Blogger Naomi Says:

    Surely that website can't be serious. "Messages will be sent out 6 days after the rapture". Hahahahahaha!
    It must be a piss take. Reminds me of the classic ship of fools website with the rapture barometer. So funny.