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A random story and what up

Random irrelevant story; So my room at my flat is actually removed from the house itself, and today while working on a talk I thought I would grab a book from my little cave/room. I walked to my room, found it locked, wandered back to the flat to discover that the front door has also locked behind me as I closed it. Not cool. With it being bitterly cold and all the rest of it, no windows were open so I wandered around aimlessly trying to work out what to do before resorting to walking across wellington to pick up keys from flatmate. I then wandered back, and continued to work.

End of Story

Im off to Nelson tomorrow to speak at the yearly Anglican Clergy School that they have for the diocese. This year is focussed on worship hence me being there. Im quite intimidated by the prospect of having to share in front of this sort of crowd, but hope that there will be some good discussions over the coming days.
Then back to lead worship at Church on Thursday night, Chris Falson is speaking which should be rockin.
Reheasal on Friday night for Fuse.
Speaking of Fuse it just round the corner! I am emceeing again (isnt that a weird word) and leading worship on the Sunday morning service. It should be a cracker weekend with some good numbers projected for the event (and after all thats what its all about)

“A random story and what up”