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Whats on the radar

Off this weekend to hang with my friends that lead soul survivor here in NZ, kicking off with a dinner with the board members from Alpha here in NZ. It is an opportunity to continue to yarn how we continue to work with Alpha, especially as Worship Central. The rest of the weekend will be spent in worship and discussion as we continue to roll out Soul Survivor events here in NZ.

I awoke this morning to find NT Wrights latest book "Surprised by Hope - Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection's and the Mission of the Church" had arrived on my doorstep. I'm only 30 or so pages in but shesh, its like Christian cocaine... sooo good. And I finally began "Dangerous Wonder" by Mike Yaconelli last night, which kept me up well past my bed time.

In the middle of writing a bunch of fairly solid talks at the moment. One on discernment for the coming Thursday at the print, and two talks for a clergy school in Nelson the following week focussed on worship. Im enjoying the challenge, though feeling a little nervous as these particular topic need to be communicated with wisdom and clarity. Mmmm... Im feeling a little in short supply on both those facets...

BTW, check the tagline for this christian store... "essentials?" What the???

“Whats on the radar”