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Youth Alpha Job

So Alpha are looking for someone to come on board for the National Student and Youth Alpha work. Check out the job description here Im keen it's someone who is a bit of a legend coz I have to work with them! But seriously, its a great job full of whoppertunities.

A couple of posts that have got the ol rat running on the wheel, or the monkey wheeling around the little car inside my brain...

This post by Dan Kimball is a goodie, and is one that I will be using as the means to get some discussion going at the print.
And this post got me playing devils advocate with myself, I dunno... thought provoking stuff.

And his video is very grainy, but is of my mate Andy Campbell after he fainted on our flight to singapore. This is a classic moment when the stewardess realises we are filming. Good times : )

“Youth Alpha Job”

  1. Blogger Naomi Says:

    The second post on GTA certainly got me thinking. Personally I couldn't give a rats arse about video games but the idea that people would gain some enjoyment from being "virtually" immoral interests me.
    One of the questions asked is if a game like GTA is as bad as watching a real-life version of the same thing (given that in the "virtual" world there is no victims being harmed or objectified).
    What I think is that whenever acts like the ones that are depicted in GTA happen in real life, there is not solely one "victim". The perpertrator also is harmed on some level, most probably on a deeper psychological and psychosocial level.
    In the virtual world, the typical victim is removed and replaced with characters and pixels, but the perpertrator still exists. The perpertrator causes trauma to themselves also, even if on some unconscious and maybe subjective level.
    For example, if the consequence of being constantly exposed to acts of violence and immorality simulated on GTA eventually leads to a level of desensitisation of the "perpertrator" there is harm caused to that person.
    I think it's foolish to think that the acts we imagine in our heads, or simulate on line have no bearing on real lives and thought processes, even those this impact may be subversive.

    End of rant.