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Who am I?

Twice in the last two days this Scottish preacher, Robert Murray M'Cheyne has come up in conversation. Last night as Bruce Bell spoke, and today in a conversation with my friend Ray Muller. He is credited with this quote: "What a man is on his knees alone before God, that he is and no more".
This quote is one of those "depth charge" style quotes - I can hear the ticking, and have a suspicion that this statement is going to profoundly challenge me.
I think God is challenging me yet again on the absolute importance of our private world with Jesus. Recently Mark Johnson said that if he was to summarise the bible into one world he probably wouldn't pick "love". He would pick "relationship". I know that I talk a lot about Jesus, think a lot about Jesus, discuss how we can help people get to know Jesus, plan how to serve Jesus church, give speeches about Jesus etc etc.
But Jesus is kinda whispering to me about hanging out and chatting, calling me to some time on my knees where I continue to discover who I am - and the scandal that who I am is not tied up with what I do...
Argghhh, ive got so much to learn, so far to go...

“Who am I?”